Art & Design

Subject leader: Miss Guy

At St Mary's we value Art and Design Technology teaching very highly. We aim to foster children's creativity through explicit Art & DT teaching as well as linking creative work to other parts of the curriculum and topic work. Each year group practices key artistic skills which include:

  • -Learning about the history of art
  • -Studying and critiquing contemporary and classic art
  • -Observing and replicating classic artists' work
  • -Exploring a variety of artistic mediums such as sketching, sculpture, painting, photography, graphics and textiles

A more detailed overview of the Art themes covered in your child's year group will be included within the topic webs you receive at the beginning of each term. Throughout the year there are often opportunities for schools to take part in local and national Art competitions, workshops and events. St Mary's is particularly keen to get involved with as many of these as possible, so do look out for exciting events in our weekly newsletter.

If you are interested to know more about Art and DT, click here for a link to the Government guidance for Key Stage 1 and 2.

Please find below a list of interesting websites for you to explore at your leisure.