Mental Health & Wellbeing


At St Mary's, we always aim not just to educate your children but also to care for and nurture them. Mrs Clayton (Head Teacher)and Miss Jarvis (SENCo) are currently taking part in a pilot scheme with Brighton and Hove Mental Health service in order to help improve the outcomes for all children and young people experiencing mental health difficulties. 
School staff have received training to support the emotional well-being of children including attachment and anxiety. Through our Primary Mental Health Worker, we have learnt about how to talk to children if they are worried about distressing events such as bereavement and global issues including terrorist attacks. We have also completed online training called Channel. This programme provides guidance about how to identify people who may be vulnerable to radicalisation and where to refer to for help. 
Just as people's bodies can become unwell, people's minds can become unwell too. Mental health problems are more common than you think - three children in every classroom have a mental health problem (Young Minds).
Mental health difficulties can be extremely hard to talk about but there is a lot of support available. Below are some links to key organisations offering professional and confidential help.
A leading mental health charity with information about where to access support, legal advice and confidential help lines.

Information about local services including rapid response support.
A website for young people and also their carers. This website includes advice on how to look after yourself as well as lots of helpful and friendly information.

An NHS website with suggestions about living well and links to national support organisations for adults and young people.

If you are worried about you or your child's mental health you can talk about this with your GP or in confidence to a member of school staff. We can make a referral to CAHMS (Children and Adults Mental Health Services).
Alternatively you can contact the Community CAHMS Consultation Service who offer a consultation service to parents, carers and professionals. They give you the opportunity to discuss your concerns about a young person's emotional well being before a referral is made. Experience shows that an early consultation can often address concerns and save the need for a referral. If they are not the right service for you they can signpost you to an alternative one. 


If you would like a consultation please contact Community CAHMS to speak with a Primary Mental Health Worker or Family Support Worker

East Brighton                          01273 293481

Central Brighton and Hove  01273 290359

West Brighton and Hove       01273 294411