Subject leader: Miss Newton


Science is an essential part of the Curriculum. At St Mary’s we believe it teaches children to explore and investigate the world around them; while contextualising other key skills such as maths and literacy. Throughout their primary education, children will be given the opportunity to be fascinated by facts, experiments and nature. We hope to turn this fascination into learning, by encouraging them to make predictions, ask questions, record their observations and make conclusions on what they have seen, using their existing knowledge and understanding. A key part of this is also teaching children what makes experiments fair and safe.

British Science Week Monday 12th - Friday 16th March


Once again, St Mary's had a fantastic time celebrating National Science Week this year. The week started with a range of exciting, hands on, hair raising workshops from 'Fizz Pop Science' where the children had the opportunity to get stuck in to lots of experiments and investigations. On Monday, we had a whole school assembly outlining all of the skills you need to be a super scientist. We also found out what each class would be doing and saw the prizes on offer for the 'Super Scientists' of the week.

Our theme this year was 'Science through Fairytales' and each class focused on one fairytale with science being at the heart of the learning. The classes took part in many exciting activities:

Reception and Year 1 looked at the story of The 3 Little Pigs and investigated the properties of different materials. Year 1 even had a builder in to demonstrate!

Year 2 looked at the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and Jim and the Beanstalk! As well as writing to Jack to tell him how to grow his beanstalk, we carried out a range of experiments with plants and looked at the use of cows. We even got to make our own cheese!

Year 3 looked at the story of Hansel and Gretel and used sweets to make their own houses.

Year 4 looked at the story of Little Red Riding Hood and learnt all about the digestive system. They even made poo!

Year 5 looked at the story of Rapunzel and investigated forces in action.

Year 6 learnt more about evolution by pretending to be birds to find out how animals have adapted. They also read 'The Gingerbread Boy' and experimented with making their own gingerbread.

It has been great to see so much enthusiasm about science throughout the school and to see lots of children completing science projects at home too. Thank you to all of our parents and carers who have given support with all of these experiences at home.

Miss Newton


Please find below a list of useful websites for you to explore with your child. In addition to these sites, you can help your child by encouraging them to ask questions about what they see and what they wonder about. Although these questions can some be tricky (Why is the sky blue?!), it is always worth trying to research the answers with your child using appropriate websites and books.



Across both key stages: